Tuesday, November 27, 2018

What kind of clay are YOU?

Growing up I loved and I mean LOVED art class at school. One of my favorite things to work with was clay. Kind of funny since I am one who doesn't like to get my hands dirty. There is a process to clay and also a process with working with clay.

Below are some notes from listening to Paster Dan M. Plus things I have gained from personal experience and insights from the scriptures.
"The only thing clay does is yields itself to the master potter
It's pliable, it's moldible, it's workable.
It's moist, not dry and cracky
I'm not talking about chapped lips 
The hand of the master potter
ALL the clay does is lays there in the hand of the master potter comes upon it and begins to flex it, shape it, and pressure it, and mold it into the master piece he saw before he started 

He's the potter- we're the clay 
*You gotta learn to be clay- pliable, yielded, sincere.* (look at end of post for more clarity on these words)

Not praying religious things because they are right but actually getting alone with God-that's where that draw on your heart starts coming from 
Corporate prayer is easy but you might of have your reward already
You might because where you are coming from that you are actually finding identity through that cooperate setting.

IF we aren't moist, he needs to wet us down and go stick us on a shelf and let it soften.

Daily devotion take the place of knowing him.
Come on, it's good someone is talking like this.It just happens to be me, it's what I learned .
 I grew up in church guys. I knew the language,  but I didn't know him. So I had all kinds of things in my heart that was never created to be. I know what my heart looked like the night I got saved, it wasn't good . Selfish to the core man  and hypocritical , prideful, didn't even like me and wanted you to like what I didn't like and I was a mess  and I got saved man.
Everyone in this room has a right to his presence through his blood if you are sincere in your approach. If you really want to know him, he is waiting to commune with you . If you really don't want to live this thing and really want to become what he paid for and sincere about those thoughts and you don't even had the revelation or the answers of what that totally means 

What leads man to repentance and change? 
A: Goodness of God. 
So God makes fully known who he is and doesn't reserve or restrict in ANY way 
And wants us to enter in and respond. 
Do we love him first because we chose to love him? Why do we love him? Because he first loved us."-end of notes on Pastor Dan
Hardened their hearts- reminds me of hard clay- stiff, not yielding, not pliable, not mobile.

For the past year I have reflected and pondered about/over the "heart".
In the scriptures there are ALOT of descriptions of the heart.

In the next post, those will be mentioned and it all links to what matters most- Our Hearts- Our will and the importance to have our hearts Aligned to God. That's the key to it ALL.  Ding, ding, ding.

Q: How to have a new heart- even the heart of Christ?
A:That comes when he baptizes us with the Baptism of Fire.
We become new creatures in Christ.
The dross is burned out and we actually receive the Heart of Christ.
The natural man dies- is burned out and we actually become the children of God. How exciting is that!

Which kind of clay are you? Another way of putting it- Are we like children OR has life hardened us and we are "set in our ways", not willing to bow and bend and move how and when the Lord directs????

When we are like the soft, wet, pliable clay the Master Potter (Yeshua) can make us into the beautiful masterpiece he sees. If NOT, the Lord will wet us down, wrap a paper towel around us and wrap us up and sit us on the self until we are ready. Many of our so called "trials" and burdens just might be the Lord giving us the opportunity to soften up- to humble ourselves, to become childlike, meek and TEACHABLE. 

When one is stuck in unbelief and traditions, they get hardened- (Hard heart) and very difficult to see the need to be open and to change.(Repent). When one thinks they "know" but in reality they really don't "know/ experience", it keeps them from greater things and to progress. 

May we each realize we are to be the wet,pliable, soft clay and just sit and allow the Master Potter to work with us. Complete, surrender to God- (Being Yeilded) 
When one does that, it is a beautiful thing!
It's no longer about me, me, me or self-reliance BUT God-Reliance
To be a vessel unto the Lord. He just needs a willing heart. He can make a beautiful masterpiece out of you yet IF you are like that soft wet clay! Pliable, moldable, workable. 

Some of the definitions as found in the 1828 Webster's dictionary:
Easy to be bent; that readily yields to pressure without rupture; flexible; as, willow is a pliable plant.
2. Flexible in disposition; readily yielding to moral influence, arguments, persuasion or discipline; as a pliable youth.
Produced; afforded; conceded; allowed; resigned; surrendered.

1. Pure; unmixed

3. Being in reality what it appears to be; not feigned; not simulated; not assumed or said for the sake of appearance; real; not hypocritical or pretended. This is the present use of the word. Let your intentions be pure and your declarations sincere Let love and friendship be sincere No prayer can avail with a heart-searching God, unless it is sincere

When I think of hard clay/hard heart THIS scripture popped into my mind

1Nephi 15:3 For he (Nephi) truly spake many great things unto them (his brothers), which were hard to be understood, save a man should inquire of the Lord; and they being hard in their hearts, therefore they did not look unto the Lord as they ought.

His brothers were not like the soft pliable, moldable, workable clay. They were set in their ways. How many times does it tells us about them being hard in their hearts? Their hearts were still set on the things of the world. 

I used to be very stubborn and hard hearted. Many times the Master Potter/the Lord has had to wet me up sort of speak,put me in a wet paper towel and wrap me up and put me up on a shelf to soften. (Trials-learning opportunities- whatever you want to call it)

Now days I choose to have a soft, willing heart. Having the heart of Christ (through the Baptism of Fire/Rebirth) is a gamechanger. I testify to it. I am a new creature in Christ! A fool for Christ sake, his daughter. I know who I am and whose I am. I still don't see the masterpiece he is doing with me. But I trust in the Master Potter, all I have to do is be that soft pliable clay and allow him to shape me, mold me, refine me. 
God is soooo good! Until next time- Your sister in Christ, Sally

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