Saturday, July 28, 2018

Little blessings/Emma's Gift

I've been spending a lot of time in my car lately as I have become the taxi driver as we only have one vehicle for the time being. After dropping off my son and I was on my way home (only one in the van) gratitude filled my heart for all the little answered prayers.

On Thurs afternoon as I was pulling out of the driveway I noticed my neighbor from 2 doors down whose name is also Sally walking towards my house, so I was careful as I pulled out looking for her dog because that is usually why she walks outside to walk her dog. No dog, but instead I noticed something in her hands. After I backed out and stop to roll down my window so that she can talk to me she said, "Here, Harry ( her hubby) got these tickets and he had no use for him and thought of you and wanted me to give them to you. When she handed me the tickets I noticed they were for Fritz Adventure.(A huge indoor obstacle course.) I said, "Oh my!" and covered my mouth in amazement. My daughter who is turning 7 next month has been asking to go to Fritz Adventure every time we drop daddy off to work. We pass right by there and I told her we'll have to see.

I have been praying that I might be able to find discounted tickets or something so that either Megan our friend or Cliff could take her and that would be her birthday present. So when I was handed  5 tickets to go, I knew it was answered prayer and I said to Sally, "You don't understand" and explained the situation about how Emma really wanted to go and it's almost her birthday and I said, "Thank you so much and thank your husband for this wonderful birthday gift for my daughter! "

I realize that the Lord cares about what we care about and other instances flooded back to my mind.
Many times when we act on thoughts or impressions we are actually being used by the Lord and being an answered prayer for someone else. So next time you get that thought or idea in your head to do something for someone or or whatever- just know that it could be God working through you to bless and help his other children.

My neighbor Harry had no idea about Emma and her wanting to go and her birthday coming up and about me praying to be able to figure out a way that they she go because right now money has been very tight and so I was just asking the Lord you know to help me to come up with a way to be able to to do that and it was hand delivered to me by my neighbor. How awesome is that!

He answered in his own way- (through my neighbor) and in his own time- (way ahead of my timeline this time) Her birthday isn't for another 3 weeks. How and when was a totally surprise to me. We have a God that has a great sense of humor and enjoys to surprise us.

Have a delightful day in the Lord- Love, Sister Sally

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