Friday, July 12, 2019

Right Place at the Right Time

Dear Life,

excerpt from Jan 6th, 2019

Last night I was not planning on attending my old ward today, but this morning after waking up,  going to the bathroom, eating, and reading Cindy's blog, it came to my mind to go to the ward and be there. Go early so 1st ward members could see me. Before going, got the impression remembering a past dream about cleaning the church foyer. That today go attend, but don't go in the chapel but rather stay in the foyer and then those I needed to see or those that needed to see me could, where if I was in the chapel that opportunity would be missed...…..

Left foyer during Bishops testimony, too loud in foyer with 1st ward getting out of their meetings and went in the mother's room. Sister S and her baby came in. Had a good visit with them. During his testimony (Bishop's) my scriptures opened to Isaiah chapter 59 read it and very telling. Reminded me of Cindy's Atonement Testimony and the covering being the Atonement and in that scripture vrs 9-how they try to make their webs as garments and coverings.

After Sister S left, looked down to reread that chapter and to my surprise my scriptures were opened up to Jerimiah now (chpt 7 I believe) and I had some verses highlighted that popped out to me. The 2 scriptures went together and the Lord was letting me know what was going on today.

Visited with people after Sacrament until mtg was over. Going to go home and the thought was to go to car (warm day) and call Cindy. We spoke for 25 min. Left parking lot and then passed a lady with a backpack, thought of stopping but knew I was very short on gas. When I passed her it was if the Lord said, "help her." So I drove up to the another church's driveway and turned around and came toward the LDS church and asked if she wanted a ride. She said yes, to her home on Bird Road. I explained, I can do that but need to get some gas first. (Lord said, go get some gas or it's ok to get some gas.) While pumping it came into my mind the Lord wanted to show his love for her and to ask her out to lunch. So I asked if if she had any groceries and if she was hungry, if she would like to go out to eat? (That's a first for me- inviting someone out to lunch and on the Sabbath!)

Told her we could go to Chick-fil-A, Wendy's, or McDonalds. She said McDonald's and I realized, duh, there is one just up the road from here. No need to take the next exit. As I turned right and went up the street she asked if we could go to Arby's instead. I said of course. I was told by the Spirit to let her get anything she wanted, she asked permission to get a fish sandwich, I told her anything you wanted, it's your special day! Worker over heard and when I was ordering my eye was on the billboard for the green milkshake, I was going to ask C if she wanted one when the lady working came up to the counter and asked us if it was C's birthday, I said, " No. It was special because God brought the 2 of us together." She asked C if she liked mint (she had the mint shake in her hand) and C said yes, She said this shake was a mistake/misorder and asked if she wanted it. I replied shaking my head and pointing up- It wasn't a mistake, God knew and made arrangements. C told me, she would not of got it for herself but was so happy to get it. Scott our order person very accommodating with my order. Michael brought us our meal. We took our meals to go.

Dropped her off- met the lady's daughter who took her in. She felt she needed to let me know about C how she was a ? .she was upset because her moms kindness and friends of C's came and ransacked the property and garage? God sent me to her as well. Hugged her, told her how we are all beggars and not let this experience hardened her heart and be less likely to help others in the future.

C in the 1st 5 minutes in car unloaded on me. Bachelors degree in Biology and minor in ? all her past jobs, how her and hubby became homeless. I told her and touched her arm- "Gods wants to show his love for you. He knows you- get to see his outrageous love today!"

Beautiful afternoon, went to park by landing to eat my lunch. Earlier when I  went into the private driveway she said, "you can just dropped me off here - her daughters always come out when a car comes- I just let them know its my ride." I said, " Its all good! You get curb side treatment and plus gives me an opportunity to meet them!"

It has been a great day. Scott the cashier overheard some of my comments and said, "Even though I don't attend church I believe in God or maybe he said loved God" and pulled out his necklace that had a cross with metal on it with the Lord's prayer.

I learned a few years back that the Sabbath is a Delight. That when we do HIS will and His Pleasure on His Day he is happy and we do indeed keep the Sabbath Day Holy. Much like flowing water, not rigid and think that there is a set checkoff list that one must do to please God. When the Spirit of the Lord tells you to do something (even when it is contrary to what men say) that's what counts. For others who are not at that level, they might think I broke the Sabbath day by taking a lady out to lunch and buying gas on the Sabbath. However, it doesn't matter what others think. I just love them and remember not too long ago I would of thought the same thing.

When we listen to the Lord and the promptings of the Holy Spirit we find ourselves in the right place at the right time for the Lord to use us to bless the lives of his other children. How awesome is that!

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  1. Yes and AMEN!!! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful blessing of living in the Joy of the Lord and showing the love of all our Father in Heaven to a "stranger" <3